Bug: Results not always displayed for certain operations/messages

(Pierre Grenon) #1

The results area in the main panel of Stardog Studio is not consistently expanded to display results, especially when these are formatted messages for certain operations.

ASK when result is FALSE

Example 1 – bug:

INSERT DATA {:i :like :icecream}
–> success advertised by green pop up, yet results not displayed (collapsed area)

Example 2 – desired behaviour:

ASK {:i :like :icecream}
–> success advertised by green pop up, results displayed (“ASK query returned: true”)

Example 3 – bug:

ASK {:i :like :potato}
–> success advertised by green pop up, results not displayed (collapsed area)

Example 4 – bug:

For an ASK requiring inference, reasoning on will display results (TRUE), reasoning off (so result is FALSE) will keep result area collapsed while the green pop up will still advertise a successful execution.

(EDIT: add DELETE DATA to the list)

(Jason Rogers) #2

Thanks for the report. We’ve fixed these inconsistencies internally and will be updating the beta with the fix very soon. The behavior you are seeing for INSERT and DELETE is the expected behavior (there is no relevant data to display in those particular cases), but the inconsistent behavior for ASK is not expected. After the fix, ASK queries will always display their results, whether the result is false or true.



(Pierre Grenon) #3

Thanks for the follow up.

Coolio, yet I’d say as a user I’d find it both useful and reassuring to have some form of displayed ‘result’. A count of the number of triples asserted or deleted, for example, would be useful. If not that, the message displayed in the green box that pops uo and disappears would be good enough. (The green pop up lasts a few secs, people don’t necessarilty watch this spot after hitting ‘run’). I’m not sure if it’s an overhead for the UI but the consistent behaviour would make it slightly more trustable, allow to look at the result later (and be satisfied it succeeded, and even copy/paste somewhere).


(Jason Rogers) #4

Thanks for the additional feedback; we’ve noted it internally. At the moment, Stardog itself doesn’t return that sort of information via HTTP after successful INSERTs and DELETEs, so the change would ultimately have to happen there (not client-side).


(Pierre Grenon) #5

Ah, I think I thought that because “stardog data add” returns numbers. But whichever the returned value, it’s a minor user experience point in which seeing something has happened is always more comforting than seeing no change… Looking forward to Stardog spitting “Yeah boi!” on successful inserts.

Yeah boi