"Entity Extraction & Linking" in non-English languages.

When doing "Entity Extraction & Linking" in English, I can use three models, which are en-ner-person.bin, en-sent.bin, en-token.bin from OpenNLP.
So, if I try to do the same thing in Japanese, can I do it without the Japanese models of OpenNLP?
Do you have any examples for entity extraction and linking in some languages other than English, especially in Japanese?

To find a way to do it in other languages, I used the three models in Dutch models which are equivalent of English models, nl-ner-person.bin, nl-sent.bin, nl-token.bin from OpenNLP (http://opennlp.sourceforge.net/models-1.5/).
But it didn't work.

See this section in the docs for how to setup other models https://www.stardog.com/docs/#_entity_extraction_and_linking

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