GeoSPARQL Coordinate System Question

For planetary data, how would I indicate that my coordinate system (CRS) is based on the Moon or Mars or the Milky Way, etc.?

Will functions like "nearby" work with multiple coordinate systems in the data?

Do I just specify the CRS as part of the location literal - e.g., <> POINT (1.0 2.0)"^^xsd:wktLiteral
for a point on the Moon (given that IAU2000:30100 is a reference to the Moon?

I don't think that this will work, but I wanted to ask before spending too much time on it.

Thanks for any pointers.


I would start with identifying the coordinate system you need to use for your problem at hand. There are a bunch of different space oriented coordinate systems depending on your frame of reference.

Can you share more about the use case?

Feel free to email me directly.


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