License requirements watchdog in version 5


I’ve been looking at a way to monitor Stardog 5, watchdog was explained in older documentation and sounds like a good tool.

I’ve set up the parameters in and with server status watchdog is shown as active and using the designated port. however, nothing is listening on that port.

Any advice is welcome.


Watchdog was removed in Stardog 5 in favor of a new, more comprehensive monitoring system.



Excellent, that works like charm, missed that part of the documentation completely!

I do have 2 remarks though

  1. I see the ssl keystore password in plain text in the status output, I’ve done my best to read protect the config file from a file system level to preven exposure of this password and now it shows up here :frowning:
  2. it would help management a lot if license information would be present as well
    2.1) License name ( type )
    2.2) license expiration data


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