Problems using cygwin

I’m a Windows user running cygwin. I just installed Stardog 5.0 RC1. In script bin/, line 183, function check_log4j_config has the line:


For us cygwin users, this line uses a cygwin path (/cygdrive/c/...). The -Dlog4j.configurationFile argument to Java is then invalid. Using PATHVAR instead of STARDOG solves the problem.

Similarly, on line 28 of the stardog script, the -Dstardog.install.location=${STARDOG} passes Java a cygwin path, and using PATHVAR solves the problem.


I’m not sure if I’m just using an old version of Cygwin or what, but if I use PATHVAR when populating -Dlog4j.configurationFile I just get a different flavor of error. It goes from File not found in file system or classpath: /cygdrive/c/opt/stardog/log4j2.xml to Invalid URI C:/opt/stardog/log4j2.xml because of Unknown protocol: c. Are you working around that in some way?

Regardless, I will open a ticket to look further into this issue for an upcoming release. Thanks for reporting!


I had that “Invalid URI” problem too, and I worked around it by adding “file:” into the assignment on line 183. It looks like:


I didn’t add this to my bug report because I didn’t know whether you’d want to force the URI to be an absolute path, or to add the scheme elsewhere in the script, or whatever.

In any case, thanks for the quick response.