Stardog 6.0.0 and transitive dependencies

(Roberto Franchini) #1

I've just updated the stardog-examples repository to test 6.0.0

./gradlew test

it is unable to fetch some dependencies:

and more, all under the new groupId
Are they published on another maven repo?
thanks in advance

(Ora Lassila) #2

That's great, but I am still missing com.stardog.stark:stardog-stark-model:6.0.0...

(stephen) #3

Hi all,

This is an issue with our maven repository. I'm actively working right now to restore these jars, and will update here when they're available

(stephen) #4

Hello again,

I believe I have gotten all of our maven issues for 6.0.0 and Stark sorted out. With perhaps a cache clearing, the dependencies ought to download fine for stardog-examples.

(system) #5

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