String to date conversion

Is there an easy way to convert a string like “11/15/03 0:00” to a date?

There is a way but I’m not sure I’d describe it as easy, It’s not hard either. I’d probably describe it as tedious. You’d have to use a combination. Of substr(), concat(), and strdt() functions. I’d give you an example but I’m on my phone right now. It’s been on my list to do to write a function that allows you to do that similarly to Java’s SimpleDateFormat or DateTimeFormatter. Let me know if that’s something you would find useful.

I found your exact same question on Stackoverflow for an example

A function as easy to use as those in the lubridate package in R would be very useful.

I’ll take a look. One comment on the SO answer. No doubt Steve knows way more about this stuff than I do but I don’t quite agree with the suggestion, “I think the answer is that you can, but probably don’t want to!“. I get where he’s coming from but it’s not like triples are free and duplicated data isn’t automatically consistent when it’s updated. You might be able to get the consistency with a rule but again they’re not free either.

That’s why I do as much data manipulation as possible in R, either before I upload into Stardog , or processing the query result since R is my usual consumer as well. Of course that luxury is not always available, depending on the situation.

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