Ability to import CSV data via Studio

I have successfully provided the first ttl mapping draft for a stakeholder. I would like them to be able to tweak the mapping as they need without me running the stardog-admin command.

  • Can this be done in Studio, yet? If not when?

This is a very important feature since we want more people to be using Studio for such simple tasks.


Hi Radu,

Unfortunately, Studio does not yet support CSV imports (it currently supports whatever Stardog Mapping Syntax 2 (SMS2) supports, which does not include CSV). It is something that we're actively working on, though, so we expect that it won't be too long before it's supported. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime, but stay tuned!



Thanks for the prompt response. Looking forward to see this feature available in Studio.

Meanwhile I am thinking of telling the stakeholders to stand up a MySQL database. I will then create a virtual graph for them.

However the real need is the ability to create Virtual Graphs on top of Splunk (that produced CSV data).

  • Any idea when Splunk will be supported?


This is not currently on the near-term roadmap, though we do ultimately plan to support it.

Do you know when that feature will be rolled out? Or is it already there and I don't know?


Support for CSV Import was included in Studio v1.16.0, released February of this year: https://www.stardog.com/docs/release-notes/studio#_v1_16_0_release

You can find it in the "Databases" section of Studio, under "Other Actions."


I knew it! Thanks Jason.

And the link to documentation tutorial is?

The section on "CSV Import" in the following blog post may help you: https://www.stardog.com/blog/importing-exploring-and-exporting-your-data-with-stardog-studio/


One more suggestion - In the "CSV Import Wizard" please add one more option in :Advanced options":

  • Starting row: default to zero


  • Business people like to put comments in the first few rows of spreadsheet.