About Movie data Turtle file

I recently went through "Getting Started: Part 2" tutorial.
It's easy to understand that to create a database, we can load schema first, before loading real data.

However, I am not sure about the format of movie data turtle file.
Why everything within <> starts with http://api.stardog.com?

<http://api.stardog.com/nm0001273> a <http://api.stardog.com/Actor> ;
   <http://api.stardog.com/hasName> "Lillian Gish" .

The < and > are part of the title serialization format and indicate an IRI. There’s no particular reason it has to be api.stardog.com... that’s just what this dataset happens to use.

You might want to take a look at the turtle specification if you’re interested in the format. https://www.w3.org/TR/turtle/

Was there part of the Getting Started tutorial that required you to open the file, or did you just open it to see what the data looked like? We tried to make it so you never had to look at the data directly since we've heard the specific format of the data (looking like a URL, starting with api.stardog.com, etc.) is pretty in the weeds for just getting started.

To build on Zach's comments, in this particular dataset, all of the data starts with http://api.stardog.com/, so the prefix doesn't tell you anything so we omit it. Where this sort of prefix becomes useful is when you starting combining datasets. For example, if you had this data from IMDB and also data from Wikidata, you could have two versions of :Kevin_Bacon - <imdb.com/Kevin_Bacon> and <wiki.org/Kevin_Bacon> to differentiate them.

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