Access a remote server.

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Good Morning!
I have the data of a server to which I must make queries in sparql. It happens that wanting to connect me to the server with the stardog platform informs me “permission denied”. In turn, I have the password to access that server, but by commands I do not know where to put it and I deduce that this is why it says “permission denied”. How can I access a specific server with a password? I will appreciate your help too much. I’m a novice on this topic. Thank you for your answers.
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If you are using the CLI to run your query, you can include your credentials via stardog query http://my.stardog:5820 -u myuser -p mypassword "select * ..."

Alternatively, if you don’t want to send the password over plaintext, you can use -P instead of -p mypassword and it will instead prompt you for a password.

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