Access SD endpoint in federated query with authentication

Hi, I am trying ot run a query against a SD Studio endpoint. This is with a client who has it set up for me to authenticate from my computer only by recognizing my home IP address.

There are two things I want to accomplish

  1. I want to just run a simple query against the endpoint and get results back. So far, when i do so via URL or Python script, to "http://:/{db}/query" (for my db), all i can get back is a standard response with stuff like this in it:
_:bnode_6b71d726_d06c_42d5_9453_2f9eb87fa0f9_1672 <> _:bnode_6b71d726_d06c_42d5_9453_2f9eb87fa0f9_1673 .
_:bnode_6b71d726_d06c_42d5_9453_2f9eb87fa0f9_1673 <> "DERBY" ;
   <> "Apache Derby" ;

  1. I want to run a federated query from a different local tool (GraphDB) against the stardog instance. Since the endpoint requires authentication, I am entering the SERVICE command like this:
SERVICE <http://USERNAME:PWD@<server>:<port>/{db}/query> {

In that case, I am getting nothing back.

Any advice on how I can at least query and get results? Bonus if you can tell me how to do it form a SERVICE command!

Your url http://:/{db}/query looks a little wonky. The results you're getting back are the sparql service description that provides a description of the sparql endpoint suggesting that you're hitting the wrong endpoint. Given that it's not too surprising that your service query is not returning anything. You can either tackle the problem of the correct endpoint first or you can try modifying your service query to return data from the sparql service description data to confirm that the service query is working. Luckily Stardog is standards-compliant!