Add data from amazon s3

I am trying to add data directly from amazon s3.
I found guideline from Adding Data | Stardog Documentation Latest.
so, I created password file (services.sdpass) in STARDOG_HOME.
my STARDOG_HOME is "/var/opt/stardog".

vi /var/opt/stardog/services.sdpass


and I executed sparql query .

./stardog query execute mydatabase "LOAD s3://bucketname/path/myfile.gz"

the response is like this:

Service password file does not contain an entry for the the S3 URL: s3://bucketname/path/myfile.gz

Where am I wrong?
I want to add data from s3 directly..
plz help me.

There should be 5 fields not 6.


Please remove a *:
Also you may also need to restart the server to pickup the services.sdpass file.

It is not work..

I checked the guide on this page.

There are 6 fields here, which one is correct?
Can you show a complete example without secretKey?

You’re correct - the s3 entry has 6 fields in .sdpass
Please confirm - did you restart the Stardog server?

yes. I did restart,,'s solved..Thanks