Announcing Stardog Voicebox and What’s New in Stardog 10 (2024.1)

We are pleased to announce the upcoming general availability of Stardog Voicebox on March 6th, 2024. Stardog Voicebox is our conversational AI chat interface for your Enterprise Data, available for use with Stardog Cloud. We are excited for you to try out Voicebox for free using our prefabricated industry knowledge kits by creating a Stardog Cloud account. Along with Voicebox, we are also excited to share that Stardog 10 (2024.1) was released on January 31, 2024 and is available to our current active subscribers for download through their normal channels.

Join our VP of Product Navin Sharma, VP of Customer Success Sid Lasley, and I on Tuesday, March 19 at 11:00 AM Eastern time as we walk through the latest capabilities and provide a preview of what’s next. Register Here.

Stardog has been hyper-focused on enabling our customers to unlock the full potential of their enterprise data. With Stardog Voicebox, anyone can ask any question about their enterprise data – no matter its location or format – and get timely, accurate, and trusted answers. All without learning any new skills, installing any software, or moving or copying your data.

Click here to see a quick demo video of how Voicebox can provide your business users with a plain language chat interface with verifiable answers they need quickly.

In addition to Stardog Voicebox, Stardog 10 (2024.1) brings a number new capabilities and benefits:

  • Embedded vector store for semantic search.
  • Secrets management integration for secure password management.
  • New Knowledge Catalog integration with Atlan.
  • Addition of Trino as a data source.
  • More expressive options in our no-code Query Builder.
  • Availability of path exploration in graph visualizations.

As always, all the details are available in the Release Notes.