Bulk upload rdf files

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I am trying to upload multiple files in stardog. But the files are nested inside multiple folders and at multiple levels. Is there any easier way of doing it rather than writing name of every individual file?
I used:
stardog data add myDB C:\Users\DBfiles*.rdf
But inside DBfiles there are multiple folders and each one of these have more rdf files which are not being picked.

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IMHO, you might need to compress your datasets since Stardog supports GZIP, BZIP2 and ZIP compressions. Details in the documentation $ [#_loading_compressed_data ]

You don’t have to compress them but it might make loading faster at database creation time. The ‘data add’ command doesn’t say anything about supporting compressed files, only the ‘db create’ command so if it does that’s something to update in the docs/man pages. The ‘db create’ already supports recursing into a directory if you list a directory rather than a file. If you need more control over what exactly is loaded from the directory or need do descend directories with ‘data add’ you can use some shell scripting to do that.

$> stardog data add myDB $(find . -name \*.rdf -print -type f | xargs)

Thank you so much gatemezing!
Thank you so much Zachary, that was really helpful!!! I created the DB again and was able to import complete data from all the files.

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