Can Virtual Graph auto retry after connection reset

The Virtual Graph connection to my Hive cluster stalls, when left idle for a while.
When I query the Virtual Graph, it fails with a broken pipe exception.
My workaround is to restart the StarDog Server.

Is there a way to start a Virtual Graph Connection without a restart?

What I want is for Virtual Graphs to "assure the connection" before using it.
Assure could involve tcp ping to the service port and/or sending an application-level status query. If that test fails, the Virtual Graph reestablishes the connection.

Here is the stack trace for the Hive broken pipe
HiveBrokenPipe.log (15.2 KB)

This behavior can be configured in the Tomcat connection pool. Have you set any of the options? We add a few options as default if no others are provided. This configuration tests the connections while they sit idle in the pool with the intention of keeping them alive You can also set testOnBorrow to get the behavior you desire.


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