Characters not valid in data

I found that if I have spaces or commas in my data, there are issues storing the data. Is there a full list of the characters I should not use?

Are you talking about IRIs? Would disabling strict parsing help? IRIs are defined formally in RFC 3987.


Here's how I summarized the rules in our help docs for naming IRIs:

"All characters except < > " space { } | \ ^ ` are allowed. Numbers can be used but not as the first character in the name."

From reading that RFC it looked like these were not allowed:

"+", "-", "#", "$", "%", ",", ".", ":", " "

Is that not correct?

It can get surprisingly complicated. This is a really good post on the subject^what-every-webdev-must-know-about-url-encoding/ specifically the sections " The reserved characters are different for each part" and " The reserved characters are not what you think they are"

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