Constraint causing java exception when loading

The following constraint:

@prefix carnot: <> .

carnot:Employee rdfs:subClassOf
	[ a owl:Restriction ;
		owl:onProperty carnot:employeeDepartment;
		owl:maxQualifiedCardinality "1"^^xsd:nonNegativeInteger ;
		owl:onClass carnot:Department
	] .

causes the following exception:

WARN  2018-02-26 09:51:16,393 [RDFStreamProcessor-0] Error during loading RDF/XMLStream:
Content is not allowed in prolog. [line 1, column 1]
WARN  2018-02-26 09:51:16,396 [RDFStreamProcessor-0] Parse process creator:
java.lang.Exception: null
        at<init>( ~[stardog-utils-rdf-5.0.1.jar:?]
        at ~[stardog-utils-rdf-5.0.1.jar:?]
        at ~[stardog-utils-rdf-5.0.1.jar:?]
        at com.complexible.common.rdf.impl.StreamStatementIterator.<init>( ~[stardog-utils-rdf-5.0.1.jar:?]
        at com.complexible.common.rdf.impl.OneTimeStreamStatementSource.statements( ~[stardog-utils-rdf-5.0.1.jar:?]
        at com.complexible.stardog.protocols.http.icv.client.ICVHttpConnection.handleConstraintChange( ~[stardog-icv-protocols-http-client-5.0.1.jar:?]
        at com.complexible.stardog.icv.api.AbstractICVConnection$ ~[stardog-icv-api_snarl-5.0.1.jar:?]
        at com.complexible.stardog.icv.api.AbstractICVConnection$ValidatorIO.file( ~[stardog-icv-api_snarl-5.0.1.jar:?]
        at com.complexible.stardog.icv.cli.ICVWithFiles.readConstraints( ~[stardog-icv-cli-5.0.1.jar:?]
        at com.complexible.stardog.icv.cli.ICVWithFiles.addConstraints( ~[stardog-icv-cli-5.0.1.jar:?]
        at com.complexible.stardog.icv.cli.ICVAdd.execute( ~[stardog-icv-cli-5.0.1.jar:?]
        at ~[stardog-cli-5.0.1.jar:?]
        at com.complexible.stardog.cli.CLIBase.execute( ~[stardog-cli-5.0.1.jar:?]
        at com.complexible.stardog.cli.admin.CLI.main( ~[stardog-cli-5.0.1.jar:?]
WARN  2018-02-26 09:51:16,403 [RDFStreamProcessor-4] Error during loading TurtleStream: UT000034: Stream is closed UT000034: Stream is closed 

. . .

It looks like your file is in turtle but it’s trying to read it as rdf/xml. If you don’t tell it what the format is it will try to guess it from the extension and defaults to rdf/xml if it can’t tell. What is the name of your file? Did you name it something like myConstraints.icv?

I named it Constraints.rdf
should it be Constraints.icv

It’s guessing that it’s rdf/xml because of the .rdf extension. You can name it anything you’d like but you’ll need to include the -f flag in “stardog data add” and give it the format. TURTLE, RDF/XML, etc. Or you can rename it to something that Stardog will correctly recognize, .ttl in your case.

That worked.
Thanks soo much.

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