Corruption in Stardog 5.3.2 - OpenJDK


After a restart og stardog, INT was sent to the stardog process and we can see in the log that it shutdown. When it came back up again the base docker image was using openjdk 8 jdk, instead of an older version of openjdk 8 jre (not sure how old). When it started up it complained that the databse was corrupt, tried to repair it but failed after a few percent.

Is Stardog tested heavily against OpenJDK? Anyone else using OpenJDK? Should we switch to Oracle's JDK?

We are also seeing weekly hangs with Stardog.


PS: This was in our test environment.

We've seen plenty of people using openjdk with no issues. I'm guessing that the corruption is more likely to do with the INT that was sent versus a proper shutdown of the server.

We'd also welcome more details of the weekly hangs you're seeing (version, load, environment, etc.)

The INT gets picked up by Stardog. Says shutdown in the logs. We thought, since the logs are identical, that INT and stardog-admin server stop, did the same thing?

Our OpenJDK version is 1.8.0_171.