Creating a single consolidated materialized graph from two virtual graph

I am new to stardog. I am trying solve below problem:

  1. I have created a virtual graph to query on employee data
  2. I have created a virtual graph to query on department data

As both these data resides on different database, I have to create two separate virtual graph.

Now I want to import these data into stardog server in single materialized graph, so that links between employee and department can be established and I can able to fetch consolidated view of these data by firing query on this single graph instead of writing a query to fetch data from both the virtual graph.

Can you tell me the way to achieve that?
Also let me know is it the correct way to solving this problem?

Welcome to Stardog!

You can simply use SPARQL ADD to append virtual graph contents to a single named graph, e.g. ADD <virtual://employees> TO <urn:combinedGraph>. Note that it's not necessary to materialize virtual graph contents to query relationships that span both virtual graphs. Hope this helps.


Hi Jess,

Thanks for the tip and clarification. Let me try it and I will get back to you


Yes it works. Thank you

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