Deal withh "GC overhead limit exceeded" when setup a local sparql endpoint

I greatly appreciate it if you can guide me. I want to create a local sparql endpoint for dbpedia. I created the database and load data but when I go the localhost to test the endpoint (http://localhost:5820/dbpedia/query), it takes some time to load the page and then shows: "GC overhead limit exceeded".
I have also allocated the memory to my jvm regarding my pc.

What version of Stardog are you using?

The version of Stardog I am using is 7.4.5

Hello, can you share the value of $STARDOG_SERVER_JAVA_ARGS env variable?


-Xms3g -Xmx3g -XX:MaxDirectMemorySize=4g

OK, might be a but low for DBPedia but please explain step-by-step what you're doing. Assuming the DBpedia has been loaded, you can start the server again and tell us the sequence of steps which lead to the OOM.


I made some directories and downloaded the triples of DBPedia.
Then, I created a db:
./stardog-admin db create -n dbpedia $(find . -name *.bz2 -print -type f | xargs)
./stardog data add dbpedia data/dbpedia_2015-10.owl
after that I stop and start it again.
Finally, open a page of web browser with this: http://YOUR_STARDOG_IP_OR_LOCALHOST:5820/dbpedia/query

I am not sure why you get an OOM from there but it's the SPARQL endpoint, it's not for a Web browser. The server should accept SPARQL Protocol requests for SPARQL queries at it, it won't send you back any HTML. If you do a GET on that endpoint without sending a SPARQL query, you should get a SPARQL Service Description response back.

You should use Stardog Studio to connect to your DBPedia instance and run queries (or use CLI).

If you've seen an OOM, you should restart the server (no need to reload the data if it was loaded the first time).


@pavel :Thanks a bunch for your explanation.

Just another comment on something that stood out.

I'm guessing you mean shutting down and restarting Stardog. There shouldn't be anything wrong with doing that but it should be unnecessary. I'm a little curious about why you're doing that. Are there any errors or warnings in stardog.log?

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