Documentation for SMS2


following up with a prior question posted, are there any documents about SMS2 on top what is included in the virtual graph / data sources sections?

SMS2 Documentation - Support - Stardog Community

There is some additional training available on the website under Trainings. I would recommend both the virtual graph discussion as well as modeling and performance.

Are you looking for something in particular?


Hi Al,

I was mainly looking for any sort of documentation for "special variables" like for example the "row_number" one for csv import.

Specifically looking for variables that might help me to solve the issue SMS2: ID for JSON Lists - Support - Stardog Community



Hi Oli,

Unfortunately we don't support what you referenced in that other question. If you need to take a structure like that and generate indexes - which you could do with additional triples, or perhaps even edge properties, you'd have to do that in an ETL job and not with SMS2 mappings or virtual graphs.


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