Documenation clarification SMS vs SMS2

I wanted to provide some feedback on the documentation on SMS and SMS2 that might be somewhat confusing, especially to people new to Stardog.

The docs mention what SMS2 adds but doesn't really say why you would bother using SMS if you had SMS2. I can see someone saying to themselves, "Two is better than one and sounds like a newer better versions SMS must just be some legacy thing".

I believe the reason SMS is still there is because it can be mapped to a standard mapping format R2RML. The documentation doesn't explicitly state that and you have to read between the lines to figure it out. Or maybe I'm wrong. Can you map SMS2 to R2RML if you stick to the relational stuff?

All mapping formats are interchangeable for RDBMS virtual graphs. There are no corresponding features in R2RML for non-relational sources such as JSON & MongoDB.

So is there a reason to ever use SMS rather than SMS2?

Currently SMS2 is not supported for CSV import. SMS is required.

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