R2rml mapping in Stardog Studio or converter


Since I use protege/ontop to define mappings, I have an r2rml file for my postgres database, which I wanted to use in Stardog Studio to no avail, since it only accepts SMS2. Is there a way import an r2rml file to a database in a Stardog Free account, or to convert an r2rml file to SMS2?

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Attila Horváth

Hi. You can use R2RML files for import. In Studio, create you PostgreSQL data source, then use the stardog-admin CLI to create the virtual graph. This is off the top of my head but it's something like (check the docs)

stardog-admin virtual add --format R2RML [graph name].properties [R2RML file].ttl

Thank you very much, I did not know that I could use the CLI on other than the local install :slight_smile: I did as you suggested, and got a funny error message:

Expected ], found '©' [L26]

although there is no such character in the mapping .ttl file.

This is the command I entered:

stardog-admin --server https://sd-f0b3808c.stardog.cloud:5820 virtual add -d stif -f r2rml -n vkg -s aws mbh_mini_ontologia_prov_101-mapping.ttl

If I leave out the mapping file from the command, then Stardog creates the virtual graph no problem. The "-v" option did not really give any meaningful addition to the error message. Is there a way to somehow get to the bottom of this, because I don't really get what the problem is.

Thank you in advance if you can help me out here!

Oh, I just found the solution, Stardog just doesn't like accented characters in IRIs, so removing an "é" just did the trick!

Thank you once again!

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