Does Stardog support Natural Language Query

Hi, I know support for natural language query is not an easy job, but just want to confirm whether Stardog support this or not. I am new to ontology and stardog.

Without natural language query, what’s the best practice to design user interface to accept user’s query to handle users questions? If I have defined 30 ObjectPropery in OWL ontology (relations), and users need to query based on restrictions imposed by ObjectProperty, how to make the queries to be understood correctly without using natural language queries? Do I need to design very complex user interfaces to accept users’ input to query the structured data in the graph? In practice, how to handle this situation?

Thank you for your input.

Hi Marlon,

We don’t currently support a natural language interface for querying data in Stardog. Queries are accepted as SPARQL and it’s a user’s responsibility to formulate them as such.

You may look at tools like SQUALL [1] which translated sentences in a controlled natural language to SPARQL, and try to integrate something like that with Stardog. If you go down that path, we’d be interested in learning about your experience.



Thank you Pavel. I will explore that. Probably I will have to develop my own.

If I don’t want to go into the NL interface path, what’s other option? I am new to SPARQL. To facilitate SPARQL formulation automatically with accuracy, should I design the web interface in a way that can directly generate the correct query? What’s the usual way to do this?

There’s a nice GoogleTechTalk on YouTube from Abraham Bernstein about his work with natural language interfaces that you might be interested in.

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