Error with inline SPARQL BASE

With the following query:

BASE <http://localhost:8083/> SELECT * { ?s ?p ?o }

I get the error:

{"message":"Encountered \" \"select\" \"SELECT \"\" at line 1, column 31.\nWas expecting one of:\n    <EOF> \n    \";\" ...\n    \"base\" ...\n    \"prefix\" ...\n    \"load\" ...\n    \"clear\" ...\n    \"drop\" ...\n    \"add\" ...\n    \"move\" ...\n    \"copy\" ...\n    \"create\" ...\n    \"insert\" ...\n    \"delete\" ...\n    \"with\" ...\n    ","code":"MalformedQuery"}

It looks like it only accepts <EOF> but it should accept more white spaces as specified in

I think that it’s correct

[2]  	Query	  ::=  	Prologue
( SelectQuery | ConstructQuery | DescribeQuery | AskQuery )

I could be wrong though.

5.3.3 parses this query OK for me. Looking at the error message it looks like you’re trying to parse a SPARQL Update query, not a SELECT query, and that might be the problem.


Didn’t work for me when I tried it with 5.2.0

OK, I see, it doesn’t work in the command like. We’ll fix it.


I ran it in the web console.

…cli did’t like it either.

I’m using 5.1.0
And also ran it in the web query panel.

Regardless of this bug nobody should be using the Web console for anything now. It’s deprecated and not supported. Stardog Studio is the replacement for querying.

This bug will be fixed in one of the next releases.

Thanks for the report.