Geof:relate boolean function returns incosistent results compared to the predicate form (BGP)

Hi, I am trying to use the geof:relate to simulate the GeoSPARQL geof:sfIntersects.

I created a repo "basic1" from the following N-Triples file:
basic1.nt (3.3 KB)

It contains 5 features with their geometries. The following picture depicts the geometries in a map:

The same data file was used to create a similar repo with GraphDB v9.11.1.

The GeoSPARQL query that needs to run is the following and the expected answer should contain all 5 geometries. The following picture for reference is from GraphDB UI:

Stardog does not support the GeoSPARQL geof:sfIntersects and I used geof:relate both as a boolean function and as the predicate in BGP to simulate it. I had to replace WKT serialization literals with the geometries as well. The BGP form returns the correct number of solutions while the functional form returns only one!

Below you can see the query and result for the BGP form which is correct:

Here you can see the query and result for the functional form which returns 1 out of 5 results:

Shouldn't both forms return the same result set?