Get query execution time

Is there any way to get the query execution time and query response time with the CLI?. I mean, the time that the query engine takes to prepare the response, not the total query time (taking into account the reception of the response).

To clarify, I have a query that returns :
Query returned 2,505,600 results in 00:03:09.474

Using stardog-admin server status, I get:

|                  Queries                   |
| Running | Total | Avg. Time (s) | Rate/sec |
|       0 |     1 |       177.554 |    0.003 |

With time command :

real	3m10,984s
user	0m52,081s
sys	0m13,744s

And with a chronometer (not accurate):
CLI starts to show the results: 2m10,160s
query finished after: 1m01,260s
Total: 3m11,430s

Thus, the total query time is very similar between stardog, time and chronometer. But stardog-admin server status shows around 12 seconds less and with a chronometer the data start to appear 1 minute early.

Some DB engines have a setting where the output can be removed, so the query time shown doesn't take into account the print-to-screen data time.

Thanks in advance.

The server will not send the pure evaluation time to the client as a part of the response. You have a couple options to access it on the server side:


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