How do I access my SPAQL endpoint from another 3rd party?

I am trying to access my Stardog Cloud (free) SPARQL endpoint from a 3rd party app (that supports SPARQL queries).

The endpoint is the usual:
and I use SSO (google) to authenticate.

It seems I have some access control issues, as the connection attempt always returns error 401.

I then created another account (as some responses here indicated that might work with the cloud and read roles) but that gives error 405

Any help appreciated....

Hi Renato,

A 405 error indicates the type of request you made is recognized but not supported for that endpoint. An example would be sending a POST request to an endpoint that only accepts GET requests.

Which endpoint did you send a request to? For reference, you can see our HTTP docs here, and that will show you which methods are available and which types of requests you can make to them.