How do i make constraints for uneskos

when i set my archetype to built-in skos, the icv works if i insert a wrong data like

:a skos:broader :b .
:a skos:related :b .

but when i change archetype to

there's no constraints in this set.
so this query can be insert

:a skos:broader :b .
:a skos:related :b .

i want to build it by myself, how to do it

I don't understand what exactly you're looking to do. Are you looking to install your crapthings/stardog-archetypes so that it's accessable to Stardog or are there constraints that you're looking to add to your uneskos archetype?

If you already have constraints you can add them to a constraints directory located in your archetype directory uneskos/constraints.

i want to build constraints for uneskos

it will include 4 module skos skosxl skosthes and uneskos

it seems include scheme wont enable reasoning constraints,should i use shacl?

You can write your constraints in ICV, SPARQL or SHACL. The Stardog docs are the best resource for ICV or SPARQL constraints. There isn't a lot of good material for SHACL but a Google search or the specs would be a good start.

i've tried this archetype

the built-in skos works with ICV, but after i change to skos-inline, the ICV doesn't work

as you can see in this video

i want to use GUARD MODE to valid insert data, but after i change archetype to skos-inline, constraints failed to work.

i though file below can be valid query, but its not.

so the built-in skos archetype is not open source, i can't figure out what is missing to make GUARD MODE work


after i split modules into folder instead put them in one then its working.

stardog-admin db create -o database.archetypes="dcterms,skos-inline,skosxl,skosthes,uneskos" -n app

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