How to escape backslash in literal?

There was a fatal failure during preparation of 34b43fcd-ab04-4ed7-9a9a-aca101d1625c Unescaped backslash in: 被告\/证人没有义务在陷自己于不利的犯罪认定上主动\/积极协助或主动\/积极贡献,即被告\/证人无主动\/积极协助义务,仅有被动协助和忍受义务。 [L8569]

i change / to /

still failed to import

stardog db 7.3.2

Is that a qname in turtle? You might need to use a full IRI instead, eg <something with />

its literal value

doesn't work

:something rdf:value "测试/测试"@zh

doesn't work

:something rdf:value "测试\/测试"@zh

The first one works fine for me in a TTL file and SPARQL query/update. You don't need to treat / in any special way. But if you have \/, you will need to escape it with an extra \, eg:


Hope this helps.

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