How to materialize a MongoDB virtual graph?

Ok I have created a rudementary SMS2 mapping for a mongodb virtual graph - it works and it is nice :slight_smile: thank you for your help.

Now I need to map its triples to some other materialized triples. My guess I should first materialize the mongodb virtual graph, right? How can I do that?



Whether or not you need to materialize the virtual graph depends on what you want to do with it. You can include the triples as-is in a SPARQL query just by including a GRAPH block:

  GRAPH <virtual://myAwesomeVirtualGraph> {
    ?s :myProp ?o
  # Note that you can reuse the variables above to join with other data
  ?s :something ?else .
  ?o :another ?thing

If you want to materialize your triples, probably the easiest method would be with a SPARQL update query:

COPY <virtual://myAwesomeVirtualGraph> TO <>

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