IRI included an unencoded space during NQUADS data add


I have loaded a database using some turtle files and imported other data from JSON files using VIRTUAL IMPORT. To facilate the copy of that database, I have exported it in NQUADS format because I am using named graphs. Usually, that works fine but when I have tried to create another database from that export file, I got the following error.

There was a fatal failure during preparation of 8332eac9-cab4-406a-88dc-d9a3257abe51 IRI included an unencoded space: [L159581]

This seems to be similar to a previous post.

However I cannot really use the solution and I just don't understand why we should proceed that way. The export file was created using Stardog. We should be able to import it using Stardog too.

I need your help. Thanks!

Hi Daniel,
You can disable strict.parsing.

Thanks Jess!

However, there is something that I don't understand.

All my databases have the strict parsing enabled. And I have created the NQUADS file by exporting one of theses databases. So how is it possible that my NQUADS file contains something illegal if its origin is a database enforcing strict parsing?

There's a known issue that prohibited lexical forms can be introduced using INSERT DATA. You mentioned loading JSON files. Can you share which terms are invalid and the relevant section of your mappings? I just tested it with the template function and it's encoding characters as expected.