Is it possible to limit the reasoning scope?

When defining a property as transitive in a specific named graph, that property seems to become transitive within all other named graphs in the database. I am working on a use case that has separate named graphs, but with some intersecting model elements that i want to keep separate. Can stardog consider only a subset of model elements (inverseOf, transitive, symmetric, etc.) when running reasoning queries ?

Thank you.

I don’t believe there is a way to accomplish this by using the same property. It would seem (to me at least) that a property is either transitive or it isn’t, and that if you need it to act differently in different contexts then perhaps it would best be defined as two separate properties.

Thank you. Its a feature i was using with Openlink Virtuoso. Separate properties it will have to be.

Just a couple of ideas you could try that might work depending on your use case.

  1. You could use separate databases and federated queries

  2. You could use the adminConnection and change the property for reasoning.schema.graphs. You’d need to take the database offline first.

Neither one of them are going to be great for performance but if your tbox isn’t too large #2 might not be that bad.

Just realized that #2 probably isn’t what you’re asking for. Like Stephen said you can’t really do what you’re looking for but I thought I’d throw out some wild ideas in case it might work for your particular use case.

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