Is the Stardog rule the same as SPARQL SPIN?

According to the documentation, " Stardog supports user-defined rule reasoning together with a rich set of built-in functions using the SWRL syntax and builtins library", the Stardog rules are SWRL rules.

But then it says:

Stardog Rules Syntax is basically SPARQL "basic graph patterns" (BGPs) plus some very explicit new bits ( IF-THEN ) to denote the head and the body of a rule.

This is more like SPIN rules.

What's the relationship between Stardog rules with SWRL and SPIN?

Hi Martin,

Stardog rules work under the open world semantics just as OWL and SWRL. Stardog Rule Syntax uses SPARQL constructs, e.g. BGPs, but it's only a user-friendly syntax, it does not change how rules are interpreted and used in queries (many of them can also be written as SWRL rules or OWL axioms).


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