Issue with GraphQLs __typename Meta field


I am playing around with Stardogs GraphQL features and a GraphQL client library. I was wondering why the library was always returning empty results and noticed that the client library adds the __typename field to the query. Now, the GraphQL documentation states that

GraphQL allows you to request __typename, a meta field, at any point in a query to get the name of the object type at that point.

But Stardog does not seem to be able to answer queries that include the __typename (using an automatically created schema).

Am I doing something wrong? Or is there some technical reason why Stardog does not support the __typename meta field?


You are not doing anything wrong. We are currently not supporting this meta field but there is not technical reason not to support it. Since our implementation is baed on translating GraphQL to SPARQL the translation process needs to be updated. I'll create an internal ticket for this request and we'll consider it for a future release.