java.lang.ClassCastException when ta export --named-graph ALL --format TRIG --compression GZIP


our Stardog is running on a docker Version 18.06.1-ce and stardog version and status are :

CPU Load : 0.00 %
Connection Timeout : 10m
Export Storage Directory : .exports
Memory Direct : 38G (Max: 54G)
Memory Direct Buffers : 7.2G (Max: 18G)
Memory Direct Mapped : 4.7G (Max: 7.8G)
Memory Direct Pool : 0B (Max: 26G)
Memory Heap : 4.4G (Max: 7.9G)
Memory Mode : DEFAULT
Page Cache Count : 9.3K
Page Cache Hit Ratio : 78.17 %
Page Cache Memory : 457M
Platform Arch : amd64
Platform OS : Linux 4.4.0-186-generic, Java 1.8.0_191
Query All Graphs : true
Query Timeout : 4m
Security Disabled : false
Stardog Home : /usr/local/stardog-db
Stardog Version : 5.3.6
Strict Parsing : true

When I execute the follwoing export command,
docker exec -i stardog data export --named-graph ALL --format TRIG --compression GZIP --server-side

I get java.lang.ClassCastException after 30 minutes or so.

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