JSON R2RML support?

Hi there,
Just a question on the following statement in the Stardog Manual page

Virtual Graphs can be used for mapping any tabular data, e.g. CSV, to RDF and Stardog will support mapping other tabular formats to graphs in future releases, including XML, JSON, and enterprise directory services.

We are being asked to ingest JSON into Stardog using R2RML. Any idea when that feature will be available? The requirement is time sensitive so I appreciate any insight you can give.


Hi Jane,

We’re actively working on this feature and expect it to be released soon. Would you be available to discuss your requirements? What is the source which is providing JSON data? Is it a static file or another database like MongoDB?


As of right now, data source is most likely a message broker. We are expected to consume and parse this data and feed it along with an RML mapping file to an RML engine.

How do you plan to connect Stardog to this other system? Will it be done at query time or you need to ingest data as it’s received asynchronously into Stardog?


Our best case scenario, (once Stardog supports JSON ingestion), is to pass the data as soon as it’s received to Stardog via its Java API.

Are you available to have a short chat about this? I would like to understand a bit more about your application and how it fits in with our plans for JSON integration. Please email me at jess@stardog.com.


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