Loading Graphs via Studio?

I can’t find an easy/intuitive way to load graphs via Studio. I was able to easily create a database so I expected loading to be easy, too.

I attempted to load via SPARQL UPDATE but that didn’t seem to work; no errors, but queries were also empty.

What can and can’t we do via Studio? For proxy reasons we don’t have access to the normal web interface.

By SPARQL UPDATE do you mean you ran

load <http://mydata.rdf> 

I was able to successfully execute the above in Stardog Studio and load data. It doesn’t provide any feedback that it was successful but a subsequent SELECT query verified that the data had been loaded.

SPARQL UPDATE should work via Studio. As Zachary mentioned, there is currently no feedback provided to you on success – we have an open issue for this, so you should expect those messages to appear fairly soon – but the operation should still complete. Can you confirm that it truly isn’t completing, and, if it isn’t, can you provide further detail about the operation you’re trying to perform? Thanks!

We don’t currently have a list of things you can and cannot do in Studio, but one of our initial goals is to provide parity with the features available in the web console. That is still a work in progress, but you should currently be able to do essentially everything you could do in the web console right now, except for query management (one of the next features on our list) and schema browsing.

Thanks again,

Thanks both of you. It turns out that SPARQL UPDATE was indeed working (both LOAD and INSERT); the problem was, I wasn’t specifying named graphs in my verification queries.

I’ve never worked with Stardog before and didn’t realize it required the source graph to be specified. Other triplestores I’ve worked with — Blazegraph, Virtuoso — weren’t quite so picky.


If you don’t have any FROM or FROM NAMED graphs in your select queries, that is, leave the query dataset undefined, each vendor is free to decide which graphs will be queried by default. Stardog queries only the unnamed (default) graph. If you set the query.all.graphs=true property in your stardog.properties [1], it will query the union of all graphs, including the default, and you’d get loaded results. If you do use FROM or FROM NAMED in the query, then the query dataset is defined by that, as you noticed.


[1] https://www.stardog.com/docs/#_stardog_configuration