Null handling in SPARQL with StarDog


I have an event class with start and end dates and there is no end date triple for the event before its actual end. To select unfinished events, I usually do something like:

optional { ?s ontology:endDate ?endDate}
filter (?endDate = "")

However, with StarDog,that does not return anything. I have also used the following without success:

filter (str(?endDate) = "")
filter (strlen(str(?endDate)) = 0)
filter( isBLANK(?endDate) )
filter( ?endDate = UNDEF)
filter( ?endDate = NIL)

How can I handle null in StarDog?


If by NULL you mean there is no binding for ?endDate, then you want the following:

optional { ?s ontology:endDate ?endDate}
filter (!bound(?endDate))

Or, more concisely:

filter not exists { ?s ontology:endDate ?endDate }

The two solutions are working fine but the first one is faster.

Thanks for your fast answer Stephen!

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