Prefixes in query results?

(Marcel Karnstedt-Hulpus) #1

Is it actually possible to receive query results containing prefixes rather than full URIs?

Assume I have data like

@prefix abc: .

abc:XYZ a owl:Thing .
abc:XYZ …

For any query, I’d like to get results in e.g. JSON that contain ‘abc:XYZ’ rather than ‘’. Is that somehow possible without own post-processing?


(Pavel Klinov) #2

Hi Marcel,

Not really, the server returns full IRIs. However you can use some standard utilities, e.g. RDF4J’s JSONLDWriter, to print RDF in JSON in a compact form. Stardog 6 won’t use (and ship with) RDF4J but it will provide its own RDF writers for the same sort of purpose.


(system) #3

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