Problem with large VALUES clauses

Whenever we pass a VALUES clause with too many elements in it, then we always see a set of answers that does not include everything that was provided in that clause. I haven't tried to narrow down how large a group can get through, but I do know that 18 single bindings will work, but 30 will not.

Right now I can get around it by creating a UNION between multiple VALUES clauses, but this seems to slow some queries down quite a bit (though maybe it's just because more data gets processed when everything is included). It's also frustrating to need wrapper code to break VALUES groups up like this.

I think this problem may have been raised verbally a couple of years ago, but I've just rediscovered it while using Stardog Cloud. Is it currently on the radar to be fixed?


No, we don't usually leave query correctness issues open. Can you share query plans for both queries (with 18 values and with 30 values)? It'd help if you minimise the rest of the query.