Problem with running query

Hello i have created a project in designer with classes and csv files and trying to run a simple query like this in studio
SELECT ?student
?student rdf:type :student .
but i dont get the 2 instances from student class even tho i can see them when i open explorer and press expand by-> instances of
do i miss sothing?

The SPARQL query likely does not align with your data. Please note the defined data model created in Designer, uses the definitions outlined in our docs here. Classes are defined by

You will also want to confirm you are referencing the class you defined correctly, :student is likely not the full IRI created by Designer for the class definition. You can confirm the full IRI in the ttl export from your Designer project.

thanks i just placed a line with prefix before the query and it runs
should i have this line every time i try run a query?

Yes, you'll need that with every query. Stardog can also store common prefixes that will be used with every query. See the 'namespace' command namespace | Stardog Documentation Latest Although your queries will not be portable and subject to being broken by changes to the stored namespace. Using it will depend on your use case.