PropertyFunction QueryTerm name

Is there any way to get the QueryTerm name from within a PropertyFunction? I’m specifically referring to the string name not the integer.

If your PropertyFunction extends AbstractOperator, you can access the MappingDictionary via getMappings(), and get the Value from there.

Will that return the name of the variable? If I had a property function ?result :myPropertyFunction ?input. I can get the integer that represents ?input but I’m trying to get the string “input”. What I’m trying to do is use the inputs as a dictionary of name/values rather than a list of int/values.

Now that I’m thinking it through, what I’m trying to do is probably not the best idea. I think “don’t do that” might be the answer to “how do I do this?” Oh well, it’s really just a learning exercise so it’s been successful on that level you just have to suffer through my stupid questions.

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