Query Management view, auto collapse of query info


When in the Stardog console Query Magement , “Running Queries” page clicking on a query briefly shows the running query but then collapses the view again. This seems like a bug.


Hi Bart,

Thanks for the report. We are aware of this bug and are working that into our general front-end improvements.

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I just ran into this issue on 5.0.2 I had a handful of query that I needed to kill. The UI for query management was not usable at all. Every time I expand something it immediately closes, so I wasn't able to hit kill button.

Looked like:

In Chrome opened the F12 developer tools, selected "Sources" then hit pause.

Switch back to Elements and dive into one of the divs with id=query*** class="panel-collapse collapse"
Then look in the Styles tab on the right for .collapse and uncheck display: none;

Then switch back to the Sources tab and hit Resume script execution button

I can confirm that I see this issue is

I see it in 5.2. Too bad it hasn’t been fixed with the last update…