Query stardog:context:all via API

Hello community,

Thanks to the hints and documentation provided after this request, I am able to query any single named graph. via the API using default-graph-uri.

Now I would like to also have the option to query all graphs.
I.e. the same that happens when selecting stardog:context:all in Stardog Studio.

How would I go about doing that in the API call?
I haven't found something on that in the documentation yet.

Just using default-graph-uri=stardog:context:all in the API call does not return anything (with or without : after the URI)

i.e. something like


gives an empty response, just like leaving out the default-graph-uri entirely.

I hope it's possible to query the whole DB via API, no matter in which named graph the triples are.

Thank you!


I think you're actually running into a similar issue as before, where you aren't using the complete IRI in the parameter. You should try default-graph-uri=tag:stardog:api:context:all and that should give you what you're looking for.

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Yes, that worked. Thank you!
I had tried several combinations, but not this one apparently :slight_smile: