Setting it up for geospatial and searching for QUDT unit ontology


I am completing the setup of a database in which I will test Stardog geospatial support. I have assembled some real estate property sales data and created Geometry resources for earch Property.

I now want to calculate the distance between two properties and I need to use the geof:distance function and indicate the desired unit (Mile, KM, Yard, ...). However, I am not able to find the unit ontology ( Any clue where I can download it?

I have already loaded in my database the following geospatial ontologies:

  • geosparql_vocab_all.ttl
  • gml_32_geometries.ttl
  • SCHEMA_QUDT-v2.0.ttl
  • simple_features_geometries.ttl
  • vaem.ttl


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Paste this into your browser:

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Thanks Matthias! It is like we are still working together!

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