SHACL bug - inverse path on literal

Hi all! I think I've spotted a SHACL bug in Stardog regarding the usage of an inverse property path on a literal. Assume the following SHACL shapes:

  rdf:type sh:NodeShape ;
  sh:property :subShape ;
  sh:targetObjectsOf ex:myProperty ;
	rdf:type sh:PropertyShape ;
	sh:path [
	  sh:inversePath ex:myProperty ;
	] ;
	sh:maxCount 1 ;

For the following data graph with RDF literals, I don't receive any results in the SHACL report:

ex:nodeA ex:myProperty "test" .
ex:nodeB ex:myProperty "test" .

I only get the expected result if the object of ex:myProperty is a URI:

ex:nodeC ex:myProperty ex:test .
ex:nodeD ex:myProperty ex:test .