SHACL improvement suggestions for Studio

Hi Folks,

For SHACL support in Stardog Studio:

  1. Please add a selection to "Remove ALL Constraints"from the database.Currently I must click "Remove Constraint" multiple times to remove constraints if I have added successive constraints over time. Also consider adding a way to easily determine if there are constraints in the database (a visual cue would be nice.)

  2. The validation report from the command line is much easier to read than the report in Studio. Please format the report in Studio for improved readability.

Thanks for the consideration. My current Stardog version: 6.1


Hi Tim,

Thanks for this feedback. We've created tickets for each of the issues you mentioned, and hope to have updates released relatively soon.


Thanks Jason. Looking forward to these updates.

In addition to the formatting of the report in Studio, it would be useful to add the following features:

  1. When a new validation report is executed in Studio and has an error, previous validation out is cleared. In the currently release, a pre-existing report remains in the window.
  2. When a validation report is executed and fails due to syntax or other user coding error, clear the report view (as per 1.) but also include descriptive error messages like those for SPARQL execution (error on line X...)

Thanks for being open to user feedback.


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