I am using the Stardog Beta7 to get a feel of how the virtualization works.
I have configured a virtual graphs with large data sets on SAP hana using the SAP jdbc driver.
This works well mostly.
One issue I have is that the LIMIT statement in SPARQL and the skip and first statements in GraphQL don't work with this jdbc configuration.
When creating a SPARQL contining a LIMIT, I can see from the execution plan that the SQL ends with: FETCH NEXT 10 ROWS ONLY
This is a synthax not supported by SAP Hana. Is there a way to configure Stardog to use a different method?

Thank you


Hi Niko,

There isn't official support for HANA in Beta7, so it falls back to our generic driver, which uses a dialect for LIMIT that HANA doesn't like.

We do have full support for HANA in the 6.1.2 release where this is properly supported.


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Hi Paul,

excellent, thank you for your reply!

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