Stardog 7.7.2 Release

We are happy to announce the release of Stardog 7.7.2. This release includes:


Stored Query Service Updates

Stardog is adding additional capabilities for renaming and grouping stored queries. Currently these will only be available through the command line. You can find out more details in our docs.

Improvements to the plan cache

We can now reuse previously created query plans in more cases. With improved plan reusability these queries will execute faster and take advantage of cached query plans. For example, plans for queries which used constants as filters were not reusable, this previously had caused every query execution to recreate the query plan adding extra overhead.

Cluster Stability Improvements

We additionally resolved several synchronization and timeout issues observed when running Stardog as a cluster. The issues were limited to long running operations such as update queries or SHACL validation.

GraphQL Improvements

We identified and fixed two issues related to running GraphQL against Stardog. One was related to limits within GraphQL queries not being applied correctly and at times limiting intermediate results of inner queries producing in incomplete results. The second issue was related where large GraphQL results could cause the server to run out of memory. If you are using GraphQL we would recommend upgrading Stardog to avoid issues.

This release also includes many other improvements and bug fixes. Please see the release notes ([Release Notes | Stardog Documentation 7.7.2]) for details.

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